Controller for actions related to download of notices zip.

GET doffin/notices/download/{when}

This method will return all Notices published at a particular date as a Zip archive. Download is allowed for configured number of days back in time except today. Download is allowed during configured hours of a day. If download fails, will return HttpStatus 400, "Bad Request", together with a summary of what went wrong encoded as text/plain.

GET doffin/notices/monthly/{when}

Fetch notices monthly as a zip-archive. Not publicly available. Only for Difi.


POST doffin/notice

Submit a new Doffin Notice for publication. See "Doffin Publication Service.docx" for details of the contents of the notice. Will return: 1) if everything went ok; the EpsRefNr of the created notice in the body, together with the URL to where statuses for the notice can be received in the header and the HTTP status code 201 (Created).2) If something went wrong; an HTTP status code to indicate the type of error + an error message in the header. If validation went wrong, a report of validation errors in the body.

PUT doffin/notice/{noticeId}

Update a notice. As long as a Get-request's Updateable return-value is true, updating is permitted. Updating is encouraged over using Amendment Notices. Try to do updates if possible! If the Updateable is false, you need to publish an amendment instead. Will return the HTTP status code 204 if everything went ok, and otherwise an HTTP status code and error message to describe the error. Updates with this method will either be fully successful or fully rolled back to the previous state.

GET doffin/notice/{noticeId}

Get information about a notice previously sent for publication.Will return an Eps.WebApiDtos.PublicApi.Notice and the HTTP status code 200 if everything went ok. If an error occured, another HTTP status code will be returned possible together with an error message in the HTTP headers, most commonly errorcode 404 if no notice was found with that noticeId.


Controller too validate doffin notices

POST doffin/validate

Do validation of a notice without actually submitting it to Doffin. The same validation rules as for an actual submission is used. If validation is successful, will return HttpStatus 200. If validation fails, will return HttpStatus 400, "Bad Request", together with a summary of what went wrong encoded as text/plain.


Handling of approval or disapproval of translations before sending to TED.

GET doffin/translation/{noticeId}

Returns a translated notice for approval. The notice must have been translated and have status AuthTranslationApproving, which is when the customer is supposed to approve or disapprove the translation.

POST doffin/translation/Approve

Explicit approval of a notice's translation. If not called within 24 hours from when the translation is completed, will be auto-approved.

POST doffin/translation/Disapprove

Disapprove a translation of a notice to be sent to TED. A reason text is a mandatory part of the request. Will cause the notice to be sent back to the translators with the reason phrase for a new attempt.